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MLG Blockchain Ambassador Program : THE START

Two years ago, the buzzword blockchain was resonating inside my mind and I was thinking in what way shall I start make a move in that field, not for taking advantage of the cryptocurrency market since I could afford it but in what way can I contribute to this technology which was only 1 decade old since Satoshi Nakamoto published its whitepaper which created a revolution in the decentralized world. I was fortunate with free online courses on Udemy and Youtubers who facilitated our pathway towards its new technology which was simple to explain but on a technical basis complex to implement. The world of blockchain itself is huge and learning demands more strategy rather than time itself but the motivation lies in its application which has already disrupted many industries ranging from the banking sector to healthcare with billions being spent to push forward the technology at an astronomical speed.

Now today 2018, I came across MLG Blockchain, a company specialized in blockchain consul…

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