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TECHNOLOGY DISRUPTION - To what extent and for what purpose

The world witnessed 4 industrial revolutions  (4IR) in the field of technology and which undoubtedly change the whole global fabric of planet Earth within centuries. Ranging from railway trains driven by charcoal to latest AI products and services, we cannot imagine a place where technology did not make a difference and contributed massively to give a new definition to the way we design and create and make use of efficient tools and systems that not only make life easier but also create a true sense of engineering creativity bundled with a polished professionalism of the new generation of innovators. Everyday we face technology disruption even if we try to ignore it and despite our unwillingness if influences our surrounding with a great impact and changes our way of thinking and doing things. Just a simple example, a simple digital marketing advertisement on a billboard can make your daily workday completely different, whether through an idea, strategy, inspiration or a product that…

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