IETF Hackathon 102

The IETF Hackathon 102 in Mauritius Point aux Piments was a very enriching experience both academically and professionally. I got the opportunity to explore a range of internet protocols and implement them using software such as Ubuntu and Wireshark. We were divided between 2 teams, mainly interoperability and implementation. The goal was to test a good connection between Client and Server using the TLS1.3 Internet Protocol. The teams on both sides were very energetic and knowledgeable regarding the use of the different internet protocols which put me in a comfortable environment to work the fact that it was my first experience in an IETF hackathon.

After much struggle to install Ubuntu on a virtual machine and connecting Wireshark to it, I was able to do a full handshake between OpenSSL Client and OpenSSL Server. I got a lot of advice, support and motivation to work with my team members and try to implement on a strategic basis and critical thinking the internet protocols and see their limit on a technical perspective.

I was very fortunate to work with the famous team which is based in Mauritius itself and see how they work and what was their vision behind participating this reputed hackathon and the way they were directing the youngsters in the field of internet protocols and security. The members of this crew were really supportive such as Nitin, Logan, Rahul, Kifah only to mention a few and they gave me the necessary material, advice and direction to make an excellent start in this hackathon.

The Team (from left to right  behind Jeremie, Jagveer, Logan, myself Avishai, Nathan, Nigel, in front Nitin, Veegish, Muzammil, Kifah, Rahul)


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